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Riyadh Mixed Use Development

- In Collaboration with  MuSa MuSa Studio

- Architecture, Design Concept

- Mixed Use - Hotel, Shopping Mall, Landscape

- Hotel 5300sqm / 57049sqft, Retail 19510sqm / 210003sqft (Net Internal Area)

- Feasibility Study

- Architects: Akis Pattihis, Christos Sazos, Wandy Mulia

- Client: Private Developer

- Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The proposal is split into three Zones, Hotel, Retail & landscape.

The hotel is located to the East of the site and appears to be hovering above the landscape. 

The shopping mall is located below the hotel within this landscaped plinth and stretches the full length of the site from east to west.

It has been designed to operate as a contemporary covered souk with alleys and squares sheltered away from the harsh climate outside.  

Architecturally, the hotel is wrapped in a Perforated Double Skin Façade providing both solar shading and privacy for residents. The massing itsellf also allows for peripheral views to the city while in parallel maintaining an introverted character; organizing all the functions and movements around a central atrium.

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